The Madness Revived

Hmm… strange I’ve started to blog!! Woppie..

This is not gonna be ur layman sissy blog.. There will be lots of insults and lots of hate and I really don’t care what you may think. If u wanna read then you may do so. You may abuse me also, coz i really dont care. If you feel ur gonna puke, then you can go take a walk. And if you think I’m really getting on you nerve, then you may kindly leave..

So what you will find here will be thoughts and crap.. loads of crap.. and all the old articles and interviews that i had penned down in my college days, when I used to run the great Lovell Dies Crapsite. Those were days of lots of hate. Need I say more?

Keep the crap flowing…

Amen. Die all you lay people!!

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  1. Amen!