The Fart Syndrome

Alright.. All of us fart.. yeah, m talking bout that same stuff we all do all the time, some loud some silent.. others that stink and some that even kill..

The best farts are the ones that you let out without anyone knowing. Then everyone starts the blaming game. But better than those are the audible ones.

Dam!! Screw this post. I’m fed up.. I need to take a drop..

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  1. buddy… ever heard abt the “three men farting in the train” joke…???? write abt it… and may be hw pl reacted to ur idea of the Freelance Farters Fraternity. :P

  2. Well one thing is for sure… At least one person did visit my blog :D

    PS: I dunno the 3 men in the farting train joke.. but i do fart now and then, sad thing is that they don’t smell.. May be i should as Lakshmi coz i might be immune to it!

  3. umm nice. so this is the kind of stuff u write.

  4. Well I’ve written more.. Its all coming up soon.

  5. POINK