Ok so i was walking the streets of Tolichowki, for you guys who dunno, Tolichowki is where I stay in Hyderabad… Back to the topic, I just crossed the road and then there there was an accident right in fronta me! There were these two punks who were speeding down the lane and directly entered the main road and slammed into a car proceeding in the opposite direction. Luckily for them, they did not bang head on.

So i stopped, had a look, and continued walking. Did not seem like they were badly hurt.I could have stopped and helped. But here’s where my mind comes into the picture.

My mind is rude and I acknowledge that! Guys who speed down the road deserve to slam into cars and fall on the roads! And I don’t care. My mind said “punks” and I continue walking.

Well.. welcome to the real world!!

Crazy kids, no sense. What do they think its the movies? where u can speed onto roads and do a 360 and expect to zoom again!?!? Well, in their dreams.. Such losers.

Let me go on to insult the so called normal/regular human being. Well if you have a look, the world is full of posers. They just aint being themselves. Everyone is just trying to be someone else. And, if you be yourself they will force you to be someone else also! Same thing with those punks who slammed into the car. They were not being themselves.

Now, if you are still reading this, I must warn you, I’m gonna be very rude. So if you can’t take crap onto the chest then I advise you to leave now.

Everyone want to be a movie star. Lousy idiots. They think the stuff that goes on in the movies are true. Well grow up morons! There was this guy in the aeroplane the other day who thought he was some kinda movie star, I could not help lauging on his face. I mean, he looked so gay. When did men start having facials?!?! The guy’s face was loaded with make up!! Die you metrosexuals. Bringing a bad name to real men.

All that fancy make up and crap is just for the tv.. You try it out for real and then expect people not to laugh on you face?!? Gimme a break!!

I’m gonna continue to insult stuff that does not fancy me. Try and stop me. If I dont like something I’m gonna tell you i dont like it. So if you don’t like what you just read then BACK OFF!!!

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  1. lol, actually there are probably more punks in hyd than elsewhere. maybe they were just trying to commit suicide u know! :P

  2. Live and let die

  3. oh god!
    crazy morons they are — Kids they r too — think the roads belong to them & they dont even pay tax!