Foreword: Firstly, Chaddi = Underwear in English. Second, this post contains explicit content, so if you plan to argue with me regarding this post I shall sue you in turn.

In the absence of the great Kotiman, one man steps in to keep the great city of Hyderabad safe. One man! One man with his one chaddi fights the evils of the city to make it a safe place for little girls to run around chasing butterflies.. That one man is me..Sadly the chaddi is lost..

Koti: What is the goings on in the Hyderabaddd man?

Lovell: nothing much man.

Koti: u the takings care of the city for me?

Lovell: no man.. i lost my superhero chaddi.. so cant run out saving the city!!

Koti: dude thats such a lame reason..

Lovell: no man.. the other chaddis aint got no superhero powers

Koti: u dont need no chaddi to make u a super hero

Lovell: no man.. i aint gonna run around with my balls all over the place. i need that chaddi!!

Koti: u need balls to be a super hero man, not the chaddi

Lovell: yeah man.. but without the chaddi the balls aint gonna be intact. super heroes dnt let their balls hang

Koti: ok, but then u gotto find that chaddi

Lovell: i think Amaltas robbed it man.. off late his being climbing the stairs two at a time!! can u believe that!!!

Koti: whoaaaaaaaa, u need to get it from him! what if he is programming some reverse engineering technique to over throw u out ?

Lovell: dam!! withoug my super hero chaddi im nothing man!!

Koti: so u need to get it back

Lovell: so u want me to go take his pants off!?!? can u do it for me!??

Koti: anything to help u save the world man. anything

Lovell: alright.. as soon as u get back man. it will be much appreciated

Koti: deal

Lovell: done!! sealed!! and il make sure to keep you city safe

Koti: whooohooooooo

Lovell: then u can retire and rest in peace

Koti: i’d look fwd to that :)

Lovell: sure man!! thanks a billion

Koti: no problemo. u r welcome.

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  1. i think the chaddi is home in the new washing machine…

  2. lol… good one buddy!

  3. @greycellsinxs…

    hmmm.. yeah.. i think tommy is using it a rug now!!

  4. @Frost..

    i know its good :P

  5. err mate, u gtta get back and write again…

    kinda miss the dose of crap ;)

  6. The pleasure is all mine..
    Kinda busy. will post some crap soon