The Mhetre nonsense

Mhetre: lovelluddin
Lovell: mashallah
Mhetre: ek guzarish hain
Lovell: farmayeah, howeva its spelt
Mhetre: i understand. send me some movies
Lovell: ok
Mhetre: shukhriya
Lovell: pleasure sab mera hain
Mhetre: kis alphaaz main aapka shukriya ada karoon.. lol
Lovell: blank cheque hi kafhi hain
Mhetre: blank check pe alphaaz lhik ke bhej doongi
Lovell: alphaaz hi kyun? sarfraaz bhi bhej do!
Mhetre: now i know why you flunked in hindi
Lovell: bcoz i had a friend named sarfaraaz?
Mhetre: arrey… Some drank the fountain of knowledge, you just gargled it
Lovell: @#$@#($*@#$)*@_# [and tries to ommit suicide!]

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  1. OMG!!!!!!

    Jai maharastra!!!

  2. How dare u!!!
    That also on my blog!!!!


  3. Hala bol Hydrebad!

    & u cant use phrases like “tries to commit suicide!”
    that’s my copyright registered phrase…

    Jai hydrebad

  4. thats why i used OMMIT and not commit..

    Jai Amrika!!

  5. Thats y they say “Knowledge is “thewine(read divine)”

  6. Cheenu man! That was such a cheap comment!!