Good Friday

It’s Good Friday. Thank God it’s a holiday here [Hyderabad]. And thank God I’m not at home, else I wouldn’t have been able to sleep till 1.00 pm :) . I decide not to go to the local church, but instead I’ll go to St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Thats quite a far from where I stay [Tolichowki] but the church is amazing and I’ve not seen it till date. It’s like the Hydrabadi Se Cathedral [Goa]. Well, may be not quite. So anyway, I call up the church and find out that the service is at 6.00 pm. Thank God! That gives me enough time to clean up the house and organize all my books that have been lying around my room.

Hyderabad has been extremely hot off late. Everyone says it’s just the beginning. I thought this was as hot as it gets here. I’m in store for something worse I guess. But out of nowhere this huge grey cloud appear and the weather changes. Now it’s really cool and the breeze is just amazing! I sit in the balcony and decide to work on a small project that I though of. It’s nothing fancy, but I can’t discuss work related stuff here :) .

It does not seem like it will rain cat and dogs, but the slight drizzle is amazing. The kids from the neighboring building [which is a handshaking distance away] are on the roof enjoying the light rain. They all stop to watch me as I type all this. Dunno what they are discussing, but I guess the jokes on me!

The cloud is starting to move on. I can see the sunlight at a distance. It’s time to call it a wrap. Back to cleaning the room and settling the books now.

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