Jeremy killed him. He knew it. It all happened to appear like an accident, but Jeremy knew that it was his fault. He was the cause. He had that guilty feeling. The feeling that he always got when he knew that he had done something really bad. The true test lay ahead. Jeremy knew he would be living a lie from now on.

The paramedics took Ralph’s body away. They knew he was dead. There was no hope. Ralph had no chance of being saved. The injuries were severe. His face was torn apart. His skull shattered to pieces. The news teams reach the accident scene and start reporting on how a young 15 year old boy lost his life in a tragic accident. They were not allowed to speak to Jeremy. He just sat there at the accident scene, more like a crime scene to him. He felt the pain of losing his best friend.

10 years pass by.

Sarah runs her hand through Jeremy’s hair. The two of them sit in the balcony watching the drizzle. Happily married for the past two years, the two of them knew each other as they knew themselves. Or that’s what Sarah might have thought. Her husband was the most loving man she had ever met. He treated her with so much respect, more than she could ever ask for.

Jeremy held Sarah’s hand and said, “I have something to tell you.”

Sarah did not know what to expect. She just smiled and replied, “Go on honey, you know you can tell me anything you want.”
“You remember Ralph, my childhood friend. It’s exactly 10 year since he died. Everyone knows that he died in an accident. But, what I know, no one else does.”
“What do you know?”
“But, before I tell you that, promise me that you will never judge me as a person.”
“You know I would never do that.”
“Then I shall let you know. I haven’t told anyone about this but I’m only letting you know, because I love you so much and I can’t live a lie and keep this secret from you.”

Jeremy tells her what exactly happened that evening. Every minute detail. He could remember it as though it happened a day back. The pain and guilt he had to live with from that day on, was all stored inside him. He was glad he had finally told someone. Someone he loved. Someone who he knew would understand him best.

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  1. Hmmm! Nice! Does the Jeremy have anything to do with Pearl Jam’s character?

  2. nope man.. its just a commom name.
    wanted to name him nigel, but that wasnt cool enough :P

  3. Veda aahes ka arey… vel jaat navta ka tujha.. Mi kiti vel ghalavla he vachnyat!

  4. wtf!!!!!!!!! its taken right off a movie!!!!!!

  5. @ Tejal,
    whats your language woman??!?!

  6. @Frost
    and which movie is that!!!
    are u questioning my imagination!!?!?!??

  7. i am tellin u she will divorce him!
    & take 3/4 of his money in alimony or woteva.

    better still she could kill him and leave a suicide note … oh but then if he kills himself she wont get any insurance money?

    is he insured BTW?

  8. k….
    wat makes him think….
    his wife will understand him.
    dumb ass.

    hey author
    wat makes u think the title is appropriate…
    “Rat in the cage”

    anyways good start…

  9. @grey cells,
    its just the start.. there is more to come..

    im writing the book, not u!!

  10. U r getting there punk!!! Now I know what rahul is doing to you :P

  11. yo moron.. i wrote this in Tolichowki…
    i don’t need no rahul!!

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