So I’m back at the Machaa’s place. Machaa is Vignesh. And then you have that bad ass moron Josh too, and their roommate Rahul.

Right now I’m at the Machaa’s place. The Moron is trying to convince Machaa about something I don’t wanna know. Oh and yes, Moron’s shit really stinks. Even worse is his shit mixed with the fragrance of sandalwood. Yeah, he just sprayed the toiled with that lousy air-freshener. It’s the penultimate torture. Ultimate being the shit itself. The 3 of us had to run for cover.

Now time for some pizza!! :D

Pizza done. Excellent stuff. Now to making fun of people. Dam, there’s no  booze. If only there was booze, things would have got more animated. Anyway, now back to making fun of more people.

That’s all folks!!!

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  1. this blog will be removed from the index for pathetic posts like these!

  2. loser.. refrain from using technical terms in public..
    i aint fearing u man.. and ur shit stinks!!

  3. this is it?
    i visit ur blog everyday hoping for an update & all i get to read is this?!!!!

  4. nut.. will come up some good stuff soon.
    just need to find some time!!

  5. Oh… Josh.. seriously.. let the room freshener be.
    Buddy wassup.. couldn u drop by machaa’s place while i was in hyd. i stayed so close. Drop by the place sometime still, to check on my ex-roomie. :P

  6. @Frost: all the visiting is for the new habits our crapper has picked up.:)

    @Lovell: you could think of so much crap to write without even boozing…. Kudos

  7. @Buddy : Wasnt into socializing when you were around.. but i do drop by PL’s place once in a while.. il drop by ur place one day dnt worry!!

    @Rohit: who said i wasnt drunk??

  8. You said it. “Dam, there’s no booze”

  9. Ofcos there was no booze!!