We are heading back to the Machaa’s place. Straight off to Masab Tank. Another one of the lousy places in Hyderabad. A place where my Buddy once ruled, now belongs to the great Machaa.

The cab routing is so f*cked right now. They making us wait for ages. Wtf. Vignesh aka Machaa loses his cool and go gives the cab routing guy a piece of his mind. Mukhi chooses to sleep. Lets skip these details.

The cab moves. We head to Masab Tank.

We are at the Machaa’s place right now. Mukhi cuts the onion and tomatoes. Vignesh breaks the eggs. I beat it up. Vignesh uses his skills and scrables the egg. It now acts as our starter.

Bottles come out. Finlandia. Blenders Pride. Malibu. Cheers! We start watching The Pursuit of Happiness. Machaa says he’l get senti and maybe start crying. Fat-ass Joshua enters, now we can crack some Joshua jokes :P

Everyone starts watching the movie as the drinks get consumed and eggs get eaten. Will Smith is doing a good job. And, Machaa looks at the screen like he could cry any moment. Haha. Josh says that tall guys are very senti. Well will come to know soon :D

At the Machaa’s!!! :P

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  1. Pursuit of happyness…lovell is fuck spelt right?….sob…..

  2. I dunno man.. go ask ur pop :P

  3. Nice new theme man.

    And tall guys being senti is not true at all. :|

  4. Oh.. look who just got all senti :P

    Will add more features to the theme over the weekend man.. working on it.

  5. What’s with the fucked up Word 97 WordArt header text?

  6. hmm.. never thought bout that.. but screw u too :P

  7. You have got a sick website! Full of nonsense and bullshit. Can’t you spend time doing something meaningful? The stupidest blog I have ever seen.

  8. Glad to know that I’ve made you happy :P