Nokia E71

Nokia E71

I bought this. Amen. End of post. :D

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  1. Wow.. website looks great. Do you play games on your phone in the loo?

  2. Of course I do.. actually I just log onto FaceBook in the loo and poke people.. and plus we got wifi at home so its a poking frenzy!!!

  3. show off :P

  4. Duh.. nut.. of cos i gotta show it off!!

  5. Dude your site is poorly optimized for chrome.. fix it or fix chrome.

  6. aah i take that back.. chrome generally is acting funny

  7. @Tharayil.. Chrome sucks in general man..
    I’m not gonna waste time optimizing my site.. that’s all bull

  8. Apart from playin games in d loo..this bozo holds con calls…jai fokri fak..:P

    • Hey… I only took a leak while talking to you morons alright.. Now, show some respect! :D