Where have all the blogs gone?

So, Paul suddenly shouts out loud, “Where have all the blogs gone?”

Yes, our insane blogging community had kinda died. Of course those lousy ones are still out there, but the class of an ass in the lions hide has deceived us for a while now.

Then I have the sad moron who I share half a cubicle with, yes our very own Koti Ivaturi who started some crap called Biztrivia and turns to me and goes, “Dude, read my blog”. I’m like, “Wtf, you expect me to read that crap”. And then we indulge in some verbal profanity and get back to work.

Then there is myself who bought myself a not so new toy. The Canon EOS 1000D. Yeah, the cheapest in the EOS series. But that has made me ignore my crapsite and work on some photographs and read up on photoshop tutorials. Yes, photoshop is indeed a cool tool that rapes you computer off its RAM.

And, above all. Lets blame it on that thing they call recession. Whatever that was, I think it played it’s part in making a lot of blogs inactive.

So all I have to say now is, “Where have all the blogs gone?”.

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  1. boring!

  2. Excuse me, but i am posting more then ever. I feel offended.

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    • Hahah.. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Will add you to my reader.