Disclaimer: Graphic text. Reader discretion is advised. If you like babies, then stop reading now. No seriously, stop! Now!

I hereby announce my new campaign titled, Death to the Boy Child.

Baby Boy

Now, now, don’t fall for those innocent looks. So we have all heard about that phase of female infanticide in India. Those of you who haven’t, you gotta click on that link you just saw. Back in the day, these crazy people here in India suddenly realized that cute little baby girls were of no use. They found them to be a burden. They were a bane to the families they were born into. And so, like it wasn’t cruel or anything, those mother fuckers started to kill the baby girls. I shall not indulge into the means of how this was brought about as I may lose readers.

What those dumb fuck did not realize was that our generation would have to suffer. Have you ever stepped onto the street and wondered, “Fuck, the place is full of ugly dark men”. I mean, where are the fucking girls?! Where is the estrogen? Show me some menopause. But no! You are walking around and its just freaking disgusting males all over the place! And then suddenly one woman will appear from nowhere and, not that she is hot or anything (considering that this country’s population comprises of 90% ugly people, women included), all the ugly men will start to stare at her. For fucks sake, she is not even hot! Fuck that shit! Not to mention the scratching of the crotch ritual that most Indian men follow.

It must have been all fancy back then, during the 80’s to kill the girl child. All that the freaking fools could think was, “Oh fuck, its a girl again, we are running out of dowry”. Fuck this country. Dowry is some other bullshit that is still in vogue here. I’ll dedicate a post for that some other time. But yes, as I was saying, the poor little girls were killed and all we are left with today is so much cock and no vagina!

Five million girls were eliminated between 1986 and 2001. I read that shit somewhere. Oh fuck, wait, I was born right about then. You older fucker, if you are reading my blog, then I have a message for you. From the bottom of my heart and with all due respect, I just wanna say, “Fuck you, you fucking ruined it for me and my friends”. Who the fuck kills baby girls?!

Baby Girl

Look at her! What has she, and the other millions of her, done to deserve this!! I can understand if your baby was like freaking ugly. There is no place for ugly babies in society. Now, before you can start abusing me for making that statement, let me defend it. Imagine your ugly child at school. He/she is so ugly that all the other kids make fun of him/her all the time. Now, you don’t want that to happen right. In that case, you are free to kill you kid. We have enough of ugly people in this country. We shall start the ‘Kill the Ugly Baby’ campaign some other time.

Fore fathers, you have to be given credit for screwing this country over. They say that Indian men are the greatest perverts. I do agree. You may read this blog post on why Indian men disgust me. But the only people to be blamed are the fore fathers of these Indian men.

Now imagine little innocent Indian boy, growing up with all cock around him. All cool, he runs around play with the other innocent Indian boys chasing balls and butterflies. And then, suddenly with no warning whatsoever, he grows up! And once grown up, he goes away from home and his beloved boy friends to places where there are girls! Suddenly, he sees boobs and he is like, ‘Wow!’. The forces of nature take over. The Indian boy, now an Indian man, scratches his crotch. He stares at these amazing creations filled with estrogen. Indian man does not know what to do. He keeps staring.

Suddenly Indian man is at the beach. He sees feminine skin, and he knows not how to react. Indian man goes says something stupid to her. She tells him to fuck off. Indian man displays rage and abuses her. Newspaper prints that the girl was scantly dressed hence Indian man acted the way he did.

And who is to be blamed?!?!?! Fore fathers, if only, you had let the little Indian boy have little Indian girls around him when he was small, he would have known where the boobs came from and would not have to explore the woman like she was something that fell off a space ship. Had you killed the baby boy instead, we could have had Indian girls abusing the men, and trust me we are totally fine with that. But no!!! You killed the baby girls!!

Back to what we started off with. How can you kill a baby girl! Yes, people from the older generations, I am really disappointed with you. And yes, fuck you!

Upset Baby Girl

What you guys have done cannot be forgiven! Lets have two minutes of silence, and while we are at that, lets try and picture how much eye candy there would be on the road had our forefathers killed the boy child instead. Now, before you can lash out and say, “Hahha, Lovell, you fucking dumb fuck of all dumb fucks, you were born in the 80’s, you would be dead too”, I’d like to stress on the fact that I was born on a great day somewhere in 1985 and records state that the female infanticide started some time in 1986, so I’m fucking safe!

Which bring me to my campaign. Death to the Boy Child.

  • Aren’t you fed up of all the ugly men around?
  • Aren’t you done watching ugly men pee anywhere and anytime?
  • Aren’t you done with ugly men staring at your assets, even though you are not even hot?
  • Aren’t you fed up of all the groping and letching?
  • Aren’t you fed up of all the Indian men?!

If ‘yes’ was the answer to any of the above questions, then I have to make one thing clear. We cannot, and by no means kill these grown up ugly men. Society is against us, because society is full of these Indian men. Hence, I’d like you to join me in starting the ‘Death to the Boy Child’ campaign. All that we have to do is request all the parents to kill their baby boys. Parents who have male kids below the age of 10, can join in too. Lets not do what our fore fathers did. Lets kill the baby boys instead. If China can do it, then India can do it too!

Dead Baby

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  1. I’m with you :)
    Jesus told me a very cute Baby girl coming your way :)
    Hang on for few months :P

    • YES!!!!! Campaign has been a success folks!!!

  2. the last para is a bit forced, unnecessary i think. the rest sees sense.

  3. Guess I would be saved by 5 days….But what about the 86 boys – Ur buddy, My twin and all??

    • not pretty enough :P

  4. you wanna see men-oh-pause? :P

  5. Wants to go for the Slutwalk now.

  6. Those are not Indian babies, they have blue eyes…. I read somewhere that some Indians call themselves Caucasians…. lol…. Do you hate yourself so much that you like blue eyed babies, hoping its you?