So this is an extract of how you make a Shit Cake… Please pretend you enjoyed it..
the me is me, lovell..

11:03 PM dude

m going for a shit

11:04 PM John: doit there itself dude

me: ok and il parcel it for u

John: ya sure get it man

we will have fun with it in office

me: then we can have it for brkfst


yum yum

John: fun it will be

i will get mine too

11:05 PM me: hybrid

John: we will have someone taste and tell whose is better

me: :D



we can ask [someone whose name cannot be used]

my is non veg


John: mine is also non veg

me: amazing

chal man

11:06 PM m gonna go now

its half way out

John: [someone whose name cannot be used] will be the right person

run run

me: PONK

13 minutes

11:19 PM John: dude

how long

neway me going offline

11:20 PM me: took time man

was constipated

office food not nutricious


gonna slp now

u have a good sleep and a good shit tomoro morn

John: office food side effects

ok briyani tomorrw

me: dam..

11:21 PM il stick to fibre n veggies

John: fibres??

all the best

me: ok man
And that, my friends, is how its done!!

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  1. Crap!!! lol.. total crap man.. now i can officially blog roll u

  2. amazin stuff baby bro.
    i think we shud get to send us some more exotic recipes… we is the company i work for.
    ha ha LOL

  3. Don’t worry.. I’ll parcel my droppings and send them over anytime!! You can count on me for that!!