Posers and them all..

Another chapter to the hate diaries. Don’t you just love to hate the people around u? All wanna be somethings or another… Do u realize that all the people are controlled by the media and you do not find people who just be themselves! There are very few people out there who are really what they are and don’t care about what others may think about them.

Its an age where whatever comes on tv or the papers are considered to be the IN thing. Like wtf? so if ur wearing a nike t-shirt ur supposed to be cool, even though you may be a moron! well duh!! Aren’t there any smart people out there!!?!?!? The media is controlling the lay mans mind. Feeding him with information that is not necessarily true. Well I feel sad for these people.

You don’t come across people who stand up and be themselves no matter what others may say. It’s like a mob mentality nowadays. If someone does something and everyone does that same something; does that mean I have to do it also??! well??? wtf again.. just because everyone around smokes, doesn’t mean you have to smoke! All you weak people cave in, just because you don’t have the balls to be left out!! Its a real sad situation. People just don’t understand that some people can do what they want to do, and not do what the general public does, and yet be happy.

Few people stand out when it comes to the mob mentality factor. People who stand by the things they do and don’t feel ashamed to state that. The rest of you are enslaved by a brainwashing force known as the media. You just do what others want you to do and let them brainwash you to such an extent that you think what you do is right. Pathetic state of mind, you people do have.

Die you all….

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  1. WTF?
    I specialise in brainwashing the morons!
    its do easy… cant believe the its so easy to sell crap…