If you need a live concert, then you need Slayer. The Daddies of Thrash Metal.. Oh ya and did i say they are good?? Well they are!!

They ain’t your silly lousy crap band. These guys really perform like as though it’s another day in the office. This audio extract is like one of the best. Listen to Tom Araya get pissed off with the security guys beating up the fans and vice-versa. Well thats so cool right. But keep in mind you can seriously get killed at a Slayer concert.

And the worst part is that Slayer has been banned in India.. Hahahaha… Like wtf??!?! And their album Christ Illusion was banned and the records were burnt in public. That’s even more funny, considering that these crazy people first bought the albums!!! Losers!!

My take on Slayer is that they are the best around. The guys have been around since 1981 and have never lost their original style. Slayer in 2007 is the same Slayer as that of 1981. Not like the other lousy bands around.

Oh ya.. and they do win video of the year awards, they do talk bout the terrorist’s point of view for 9/11, they do talk bout religion and kill it. But thats Slayer and they are not here to please you!

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