A Shitty Story [ Part 2 ]

Please Note: For those of you who don’t know, me is Lovell and John is John.

John: did it happen today morning

me: yes, but not that smooth
i haven’t been eating leafy veggies
so the flow isn’t that good
will work on it..
how was your dropping session?

John: it was smooth dude
drink lot of water that helps a lot

me: dam! u luck b*****d!!
ok il go get myself a bottle later
but i thought the water comes out from the opposite end..
i meant other end
u know..

John: yes, but it helps in lubrication

me: which end do u drink the water from??

John: thats a secret
cant reveal it now

me: dam.. so u want me to suffer every morning!!
how bad is that!

John: there are few things in life which you don’t get easily

me: and that wud be?


me: il just use a vacuum cleaner and suck it all out if it continues this way!!

John: i prefer not to use machines

me: finger?

John: not mine

me: then?

John: anyone who is ready to finger

me: :D hahahahahahaaaa
maybe i should get a calf to lick suck on my backside
i mean, only suck

John: animal rights ppl may have an issue with it

me: then maybe i should get one of those animal rights guys to finger me

John: that would be perfect

me: by any chance… r u part of the animal rights group?

John: no dude, i am a part of animal lefts

me: dam!! maybe il just try and drop now and sit in it till evening..

John: hahaha
do that

me: and then il go and sit on he who we refuse to name‘s lap
and give him a lap dance :D

John: hahahahahha

me: or maybe il give u a lap dance and u can finger me and clean up any clogging..

John: not happening dude
i don’t use my fingers for me or anyone
may be u should give a demo
he who we refuse to name would be happy

me: no way man!! no way!!
that wud be torture for me!!
all the droppings that were on the way out wud rush back inside and hide for dear life!!!

John: hahahaha

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  1. duh!

  2. lol.. i so wish the “mating story” or rather the “pheromone thesis” made it here

  3. I wanna know the mating story and the pheromone thesis !
    Is that part of your ……. Archives you plan to upload again?

  4. @ Sasidhar..
    Pheromones and Mating ain’t part of the archives. It will be up soon. So if you could kindly have some patience :P

    @ Buddy
    It’s all coming up.. just hang in there!!