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Then again I fail to realize the world that I live in is not suited to my liking. F**k that! There are those who go around head banging and the myriad kinds that stray away with their butt shaking. Forgive me, coz I don’t understand this whole “Club” stuff and I don’t want to. And even if I get to, I choose not to. No offense to the ‘Tito’ guys but what you’ll cater to is just beyond my thinking. But on second thoughs, screw you! I can understand some people want to have a good time and want to ‘chill out’. Well if you want to have a good time, have sex. And, if you want to chill out, put your f*****g arses in the deep (freezer).

Then we have head banging. Most of you may not understand, but head banging is just for a gifted few. Firstly, if you intend to head bang for Bryan Adams, then you can cut short your trouble coz Bryan Adams is not even worth my shit . And secondly if you wanna head bang at home, then make sure you folks are okay with it, coz I’m sure some necks will turn (besides the one that might break).

Next, this ‘Bacardi’ shit. These guys don’t have the balls to advertise their booze freely and use some shitty event like ‘Bacardi Blast’ and other f*****g shit to get people drunk. They don’t have the f*****g balls to tell the public to drink their f*****g excreta openly. And also, they come up with this shitty ‘Bacardi Blast Albums’ which boast of some great tracks, but in reality they are just some cheap artistes performing. So f**k them.

This butt shaking is all bullshit. This club shit is bigger shit. It’s just an excuse to get some women drunk n f**k them up. Well sissy f****rs, if u want to f**k women, ask them if they want u to f**k them. Don’t f*****g use someone’s intoxicated state to get your semen fired all over the place.

As for those who head bang, keep it up brethren n f**k the clubbers. They can take their clubs n shove it up their petite arses, just like in those stone age days.

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  1. OMG i donno wot to say

  2. You don’t need to say anything. All that was to be said was said…

  3. hmmmm… u are yet to witness a whole lot of crap!