In a recent unofficial survey conducted at the St. Xavier’s College, students were randomly approached and asked if they had ever thought, not attempted, of committing suicide. Amazingly most of the students were frank and readily gave their feedback with a few students refusing to answer, thinking that the survey was a joke or were too reluctant to share their thoughts.

Interestingly, 42 out of the 133 students, that is 31.57 percent, had thought of killing themselves at some instant of time in the recent past. The students were not asked the reason for which they had thought so, but a majority of those who did wish to share their motive, stated that it was due to the pressure put on them by their teachers and parents to perform academically or due to the fear of failure or failure itself. Others stated that it was due to the insufficient affection that near ones displayed to them.

The 133 students comprised of 60 girls and 73 boys. The thought of committing suicide was expected to be higher among girls compared to that of boys. But, the survey revealed that 20 out of 60 girls, that is 33.33 percent, and 22 out of 73 boys, that is 30.13 percent, had actually considered suicide as means of doing away with their agony. This proximity show that in today’s youth the thought of committing suicide exists evenly.

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  1. Thanks for the analysis ?

  2. for the record… i am writing a book on suicide reached some 21 odd ways.

    this is a social experiment aimed at helping them cowards.
    may be we could try sellin my book to these losers.

    wud give u 7% of my earnings. wot say bro?

  3. Sure!!

    them cowards need to find their demise!!

    amen to that!!