So I wrote some code..

Well when everyone was busy celebrating Christmas and New Year, I wrote some code. I know I’m kinda good in PHP, but there is always scope to learn more. So I opened that manual and began creating a website for fun. It was all supposed to be created for a testing scenario, but I’ve turned it into a full fledged project now.

So thats how you can celebrate the holiday season, by just doing what you love doing best. No point doing stuff that people consider entertaining. What entertains you does not fancy me.

So I did write some code. And writing code is fun. All you up coming web programmers and developers out there, all I have to say is do you thing and put in that hard work. It will all pay off some day.

And, you got to be a failure in life to really succeed. All great people were failures, it’s only that you don’t land up reading about their failures.
Hail Code!! Code kicks ass :P

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