My suicidal letter to my sis would sound somewhat like this:

“Yo.. Me goin to bengaLOOru for the Megadeth/Machinehead concert. Will be there from 13-15th of this month..

Don’t tel the folks, they’l get hyper 4 no reason..

Incase i die enroute or get killed in a moshpit den let the folks kno i died a martyr.

Ur nominee of all my bank accounts so ul be rich. N my company will give you a nice price for my dead body, so collect that and go for world tour..

Ah, and last bury me in the old hall n play EMPTY WORDS by DEATH for my funeral..

And tell my female fan following not to resort to suicide incase i die..


And incase i dnt die, i’l bring u back a smelly metal tshirt.”

Added by the Poop:
I love you too peeku, love, MM, baby brother!
and happy headbanging _\m/ metal rules

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  1. Just fart during the mosihng man…ul create a nuclear explosion…watch….HEROES….the nuclear explosion is actually a fart!!!!!

  2. oh love you too brother!

    have fin

  3. @Ryan…
    sad joke man.. real sad.. tsk tsk tsk. looks like ur nagging wife has eaten all the humor outa u.

    no offense wotsoever :P