Well, I wasn’t in the mood to write as soon as the train left Hyderabad, but now I am. So here goes.

I’m in Hubli. The train has halted here for like forever. I’m listening to ‘Free’ by Powerman 5000, passing time on Google Maps with GPS and staring back at people who stare at me. Now don’t blame me just because I got a huge beard, a bag in the hand and act suspicious. Haha, it’s fun scaring people. Everyone is so afraid of dying.

There are a bunch of Goan uncles on the train. In their late 50’s for sure, but young at heart. They keep making fun of people in the train, in konkani. Goan uncles, they are always funny characters. Eat, drink, crack jokes, etc. If I’m not mistaken they are drinking whisky on the train.

The previous night was crazy. Everyone fighting for seats, but the TC comes and shows all of these people that his balls are the biggest and sets everything right. It was a real tiring day at work, had to play two CS (Counterstrike) games before leaving. Now our team gotta play Danny’s team. The thing you can do at the work place! I luuurrrvvvee my job!

Ah, the train has finally decided to move. should be another 4 hours and I will get to kiss Goan soil. Then I shall eat all kinds of meat. If it moves, I’ll eat it. Non-veg paradise here I come.

Uncles in the train are indeed boozing. They bought some sweets off the platform. Damn, I’m such a loser, I forgot to take anything for my folks. Hey, but I’m taking myself back, so what more? :P

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  1. :P

  2. what? no new posts?!?

  3. no.. its been a while. but there will be one up soon!!