Me: Indian men disgust me man. And you know what? Indian news channels are worse than Indian men.
Mukhi: Indian news channels are run by Indian men.

End result first. Indian men are disgusting. For the record I refrain from acknowledging that I’m an Indian man. I don’t want to disgrace myself. I’m Goan first, Indian later (and that also maybe). You can’t force me to be patriotic.

The problem with Indian men is that they have no respect for Indian women, and women of other nationalities too. They just treat them (the women) like thrash and only consider that women are required to run families, clean the house and satisfy them (the men) at night.

The problem is with the Indian society. They separate the girls from the boys at any given opportunity and then this leads to the entire mess of a society we live in right now. The boys and the girls have to grow up together, then at least we would not have those desperate men looking at women all the time trying to figure out what exactly they (the men) were deprived off all through their childhood and adolescence.

This all leads to those unwanted incidents of eve teasing and rapes. Shame on those Indian men! Screw them, hope they rot in hell. Recently some crazy Indian men beat up some girls just because they were at some pub in Bangalore, drinking and dressed indecently. I just don’t get the damn point. Who the fuck are those men to judge some girls who want to drink and dress how they want?

You Indian men, if you are reading this, get this straight. You don’t have the right to touch a woman even if she walks naked on the road. You can look, because looking is free, but you have no right to touch her. If you do, and if I’m around, I’ll give you the option of either having your balls in your hand or your mouth. And I’m serious!

Next, Indian men pee in public. Yes, they do!

This disgust me even more. What’s worse is they do it it anywhere and anytime. Like bus stops and railway stations. I can understand if you do it behind some tree or on the hill. But, public places??? What kind of example are they trying to set? Imagine the upcoming generation. They will be like, “My father pees on the wall, I’ll pee on the wall too”. WTF??

Screw it. Indian men have disgusted me enough that I’m cutting this post short. If anyone needs more info, just email or ping me.

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  1. I hate them too .. You are sweet.. please don’t turn into one of them please please please :(

  2. Well hello?!?!

    Didn’t you read? I am NOT one of them!!!

  3. And amen to that, brother!

  4. And you know what.. something else about Indian men riles me up. Why the fuck do they insist that women change their last names after marriage? I mean is the marriage less of a marriage just because your wife has a different name?

  5. Well said. I had been waiting to read this one for a long time now…

  6. For once more than ever before I totally agree with you. You forgot to add one thing though,they are pussies- they only do all this nonsense in gangs. Ask them to give up their life for culture, fight in the army or just ask them to break a coconut on their head…they will no longer be Indian!

  7. And one more thing is I don’t understand what it is with the Times of India and upskirt pics of tennis players. Such perverts!!

  8. reaction is good. but reaction without action is cowardice! and given the history of the country thats all there will be.

    PS and i am seriously sad that you guys watch times now and cnnibn and stuff. if its news you want, watch dd news -its just plain and simple news, no bullshit.

  9. Buddy, I aint watching any new. Got to know it from a friend in Bangalore.

    Our news channels are worse than those lousy family soaps.

    And, I’m gonna go buy my own island and live there. It’s a shame Goa was made part of this sad country.

    • Its a shame that people like you come to Goa or are in contact with people in India… dont like it ..leave it …People like you know just to criticize what some moron around you says.. People.. all over the world are evenly bad in every other’s eyes…Every country ..every society ..every religion has some or many bad elements. So instead country bashing you generalize saying ‘men’ oh yeah this includes you too

  10. Very well written. I do agree wid ur views, and I m sure most will, but where do u think this is leading? The issue still exists, what solution do u propose? Everyone can comment on a social issue, u stand out if u can do something about it. If u sincerely feel for it, then work on it.

  11. Seriously. Now, I don’t care where this nation is heading.

    But I’ll still beat up a guy on the road if he does not respect women and children.

  12. Very well written, i think the main cause of this horrible act is lack of education and F***K those, who give all this bullshit a religious color.
    This is totally ridiculous, and this is where we are at 60th Republic day.
    Dude let me know about the island man, sounds like a plan.

  13. These retards,self appointed moral police need to be given a really good lesson. And it’s more than just goa or mangalore… It’s more widespread-eve teasing for one on streets.

  14. Great post, Lovell. Anyway, I’d love to meet these Sri Ram Sene dudes just to deconstruct their thought process! It’s probably a psychologist’s dream!

  15. hmm I wanted to comment…but looking at the blokes who ve commented and agreed with you., im reserving mine…

    Bottomline: Dont generalize. And do not think men from other countries are amazing blokes…we have more assholes. Thats all.

    bottomestline(however): All men are perverts…(including people from places which have 3 letters starting with G and ending with A with a ball in between.)

  16. @Vignesh: I do agree with you man. I am a pervert no doubt. But I wont go and molest a girl showing me her cleavage alright.

    In INDIA they blame the girl for all the rapes and crimes against them. Justify that man! They say the girl was dressed badly so she got raped.

    Indian men! I will generalize and I don’t care.

  17. u got me wrong macha! i know u wont do all dat…lol..

    i d just say read my comment…thats all i wanted to say..

    psst…if u still dont get it im gonna try the thomspons way…

    2 be precise, not all Indians would molest a gal given the opportunity..and so dont generalize :)


  18. Great Post.Hope this throws some light on those narrow minds.Thank God, i’m not living in such a male dominated society.Happy belated Republic day everyone.

  19. @Vig: Yeah, you do make sense. Let me clarify..

    It’s those cowards who go around trying to show that they have balls and use religion as a shield.

    I’m referring to VHP, RSS, MNS and all those cowards. Terrorists are not guys with beards and turbans. These people are real terrorists.

  20. @Suneetha: Wish you the same. But I don’t share any sentimental attachment towards this country.

    PS: Bring the British back!

  21. @Josh, Nigel, Rahul: Let’t go to Antarctica men!

  22. yeah Antarctica is great, Penguins are peaceful people to live with :)

  23. Hahahhaa… looks like you did not watch Madagascar. Those penguins are insane man!

  24. Awesome!! I so respect you and your views after reading this. Never really thought that a man can hate the (men)tality of (Indian) men… wow!

  25. omg i have a indian boyfriend i never thought he’d be like this :o
    im so upset wot do i do now?

    • Sorry about that. But not ALL Indian men are like this. Hopefully the men will change. But, I’ve given up already.

  26. can’t believe you are a Indian guy writing this. I know you r goan first. But thanks. Indian men are disgusting. They will have all the fun in life with some girlfriend and when it comes down to marriage “my parents won’t agree to this marriage. I will marry according to my parents wish”.

    • I so agree with you. And for the record, I ‘AM’ Goan! :D

  27. I think, this post has gotten a little out of hand. While i agree, Indian men tend to not only just look at women but rather STARE (which is extremly irritating and just plain rude), I am sure there are plenty of other men who do the exact same thing. The problem with perverts is not linked to any culture or country but rather, I am afraid, is a global thing. While, I believe, a man has no right to touch or even get near a women who is not his wife, I also think, women who dress like skanks looking for attention need to change their ways. It goes both ways, you want attention and so dress to show off your body, but at the same time when you get the wrong type of attention, you complain about it. Please stop the racist bigotry.

    • Well Sami,

      I’m sorry for having hurt your sentiments. I wrote this from observations in India. As I moved around I just noticed that one person was worse than the other. And, besides I don’t really care about what other people think and I have all rights to express my opinions.

      It is a global thing yes. But in India, it’s real bad.

      About women who dress like skanks. Well lets not go there. I have no problem with women walking naked on the road. Just don’t touch them, that’s all I’m saying.

    • No, it doesn’t matter what a women wears. If she gets raped it’s the fault of the rapist. Women should be able to wear what they want without any infringement on their safety – if a man assaults (verbally or physically) a woman she has every right to complain regardless of what she was wearing. I have been verbally harassed and followed by indian men on several occasions, whilst covered up modestly AND whilst wearing t-shirts and shorts. It makes no difference, they did it anyway. Please stop the sexism.

    • I ‘m sorry, I dress very modest and plain, and everytime I go out I get sexually harassed by an indian man.

  28. i am an fijian-indian female, and i must tell u, fijian-indian men r “ok” (please, im not calling them much better, just slightly), but men from india are just disgusting.

    they stink, they’re always oily, greasy n stupid, they have UGLY accents and they are only interested in women for sex.

    they are repulsive. even as an indian myself, i refrain from calling myself one. im proudly aussie-fijian, n nothing more.

    fuck indian men, they r the epitome of YUK.

    • lols there are many fijian indian women who share the same view as you about guys from india. Our men look like angels compared to them atleast they are more honest with us though there are a few that stuffed up as I said

  29. Well I’m a fijian indian female too I will say fijian indian men are way better looking, have better hygiene and much stronger much better then an individual man from india will ever be. Though there are a few that are stuffed up in the head I will admit

  30. the indian doctor I work for treats me like a dog….I wish he would eat shit and die…oh thanks for the vent.

  31. God this is so damn true..HATE Indian man’s mentality myself..why can’t all men think the way you do ? :(

    you know what even some of the highly educated and so called sophisticated men are soo fucking shallow..

    Am I EVER going to find one sensible man ? *sigh*

  32. Indians need practice cleanliness and hygiene. Government should build more public toilets and create more awareness in keeping oneself and the environment clean. People need to change their habits.
    India is a very messed up nation. There is no sense of unity among Indians. Indians are cowards and only concerned about themselves. But Indians have always been this way and there never was a “India” before the British came. We are still very divided. Only ignorance is holding us together.

  33. Yes You’re so right in your article. I was with an Indian man for 8 months.He was
    treating me like a door mat.Never helped me with anything.Lier and lazy bum.
    Only sex was so important to him.

  34. Finally that nasty,dirty lier runs away.No respect or shame.I hope he’ll go back to
    Banaglore and makes a mess there.Dirty crackhead and alcoholic.

  35. bro, i liked way u said.. ” looking is free, but you have no right to touch her ”

    i am an indian and i always hated what indian men do..

  36. I’m an Indian girl, and I love you for this post! :)

  37. I hear you on the island bit… I have my own version of the song “Billionaire” where I buy an island of my own and live away from idiots. Man, I curse the day Goa became a part of India… forget the British… bring back the Portuguese. The sad part is that I have consciously made a decision to work in Goa even though there ain’t mush scope here, coz I’ve seen how things work in the rest of India and I f***ing want my freedom and not have that taken away from me just coz I’m a woman. Sigh!

  38. I am an American woman who lives in the States and has never been to India. I recently got a new Indian roommate who never cleans a thing except his own dishes. His personal hygiene is terrible and he urinates on the seat more than in the toilet. After becoming extremely impatient with his filthy ways, I noticed that he became very uncomfortable; almost ashamed or afraid when he accidently saw me wearing a towel. I would never have guessed that Indian men are such sexual pigs toward women; and I’m glad I found this post (while searching “How to disgust an Indian man”) because I want him to move out, and I was forming a tactic to begin walking around in my skivvies to disgust him. Judging by this, I may just get myself into trouble if I were to try that approach. Any suggestions?!

    • All I can say is keep your clothes on, else the pervert will sexually assault you. The Indian man is the most disgusting specimen of the animal race. So you have no hope as far as trying to disgust one is concerned!

    • that is a tuff one. I know exactly what you are going through. I don’t think Indian men are normal. Even if you try to get him to leave, he will be more determined to stay, – thinking that you are doing all this because you like him. Indian men are the furthest from reality that any person can be. They have been brought up with an animal mentality, and that is not exaggerating. The problem is with the parents, and the culture. It doesn’t go away with education or money. In fact, it can get worse.

  39. Why do some Indians get defensive when you say our culture doesn’t respect women? They think they do respect women and some Indian women even say men treat them well! (while enduring obvious abuse). Denial is the easy way out huh.

  40. I’m an Indian male (ABCD if you like) and I totally agree with this. I admire you for having the balls to speak up and speak the truth about Indian males. I have never encountered a more savage, vile, disgusting, creepy, materialistic, and pathetic bunch of people anywhere and I have traveled all over the world. Next time I’m in India and one of these animals stares at or touches my fiance, I’m gonna break his skull. What has India and the Indian male turned into? Indian rising my ass! What a fucking joke. Just sad, desperate, and pathetic.

  41. You are my hero
    loved the article
    finally someone really understands what a lot of Indian women go through.

  42. indian men are indeed disgusting bastards.being a girl born in this country is a like curse.
    although i strongly disagree with one of your statement such as you can look but not touch. because day to day i am suffering their so called looks and its extremely disturbing and irritating .

    • I agree with you. Indian men are the lowest of men.

  43. another thing about indian men. I don’t know how any one can find them attractive. Their creepiness, perversion, and idolatry just shine through. So many indian women walk around thinking they have the best husband on earth because their husband is indian. I feel so sorry for them. They don’t know what normal is.

  44. even if a woman was dressed in potato sack , and indian man will molest her. Indian women ….reality check……the men that are with you are not a catch.

  45. You cannot tell an indian man he is rude or behaves disrespectful. He will not understand. In fact, he will enjoy ignoring you , and he will think you are just saying that so that you can have sex with them. Indian men think every woman is in love with them, because that is what their parents tell them. If you happen to be in store and there is an indian man there, he will think you are only in the store so you can talk to him, and hopefully have sex with him. Indian men are totally out of reality. They think they are babe magnets. To me, they are so disgusting….. I feel like vomiting everytime I see one.

  46. who cares if indian men are doctors, surgeons or scientists. It would be hell on earth to be married to one. I think the women that indian men marry are delusional or brainswashed. No one normal would marry an indian man.

  47. This is my opinion. I think there are some indian men that believe they are different from the indian creeps out there. However, I think , unfortunately , there will always be some similarities between all indian men. I mean , that ‘s just reality. There are certain hereditary genes, and cultural habits and cultural mentally , you cannot just dissolve and get rid of.

  48. Just a word of advice and dear warning. Do not trust any indian man. Some say they are different, but they aren’t. That is my opinion.

  49. just because some indian men think they are different from all the other creep indian men ,…doesn’t mean they are .

  50. I am an Indian male and from a small town in India (a generic place where you would find a stereotypical Indian guy mentioned above in this article). I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to study abroad. While abroad I use to be embarrassed a lot while hanging out with other Indian fellows.A lot of Indians who can’t even spell their names in English somehow manage to get there. But hey who the hell am i to judge them – who the hell am i to talk about immigration – this is not the point. Then why was I so much embarrassed? Well the stereotypical Indian guys usually try to do the same stuff they would normally do in India. For example, they would spit on the road, litter etc. Some of them even managed to get those stupid mouth freshners with tobacco n stuff (which usually requires you to spit after every word you say) I use to think it is bcoz of guys like them ppl around the world call India a dump. Fine, I am not being patriotic here bcoz I never understood the word. But hey you are abroad man! Try and have some decency! And yeah, the women. They use to stare at white women as if everyone is a pornstar or something (its bcoz they have only seen white women in porn before that)!!! I mean WTF!!!!! this is so damn embarrassing man.