Look around. See the mess. Regress. Don’t confess.
Lead me to the edge. No need to show it to me. I feel disgusted.
Lie to me.

Denial. That what it’s all about.
False notions. False promises. More lies.

Burn. Hot in hell. This place it is.
Eat my mind. I’ve given up.
Burn. Fade. Die.

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  1. wonderin wat u were doin at 3:56 pm yesterday…2 have penned this down…lol

  2. This is what I feel about this country.

  3. There’s beauty in everything too. I enjoy looking around the mess sometimes, with loud music playing … the rush, people wandering around like lost zombies going from one place to the other, living a life of monotony, and a few meters away a bird sits on a wire, and it seems like it’s trying to understand why people do these things. It gives up, and flies away.

  4. Sexyraju.. U need a drink.. I don’t find any of this chaos exciting.

  5. @Sasidhar : What a load of crap !! does this have to do anything with http://ageekstory.com/sketch/mood/
    @ Lovell : Do you think we can clean up the place?? :O

  6. Ballz to this place man. I gave up long back.
    I’m the most unpatriotic guy in this country!!!

  7. You’re better off in India rather than being in a place where you’d get shot if you as much as reveal the skin on your ankle.

  8. Er, as I said.
    I don’t even care what goes on here..