One fine day, I was stalking women (along with another soul who choses not to be named as his fiancée will kill him) at Reliance Digital (an electronics shopping mall in Hyderabad) and lo and behold my eyes set on real sexy piece of art. There she was, glowing in the corner. The focus set on her. Blazing heat of Glory. I approached her to take a closer look. She was…. The Canon EOS 1000D!!!

I ask the guy at the counter, “Can I touch?”
And I touched!

Ok, enough of the soft core pornography.

The new obsession is photography.
No really, it’s new! Ok, might be a little old, but new is new!
And guess what, I’m really good at it. No seriously, I am.
If you beg to differ, you may speak to my lawyer. Yes, I have a dedicated lawyer.

All the good photographs go over here: http://click.lovelldsouza.com . All the bad photographs remain on my desktop :P

Over and out for now!

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  1. narcissist

  2. vaari nice fotus!