By Peter Davis

Step 1: Crush the noodles to smithereens.

Maggi Noodles

Step 2: Pour exactly 1 cup of hot water and mix properly with the taste maker.

Maggi Noodles

Step 3: Once mixed, add one spoon of chilly paste and 1 cube of cheese. Riya if ur reading this, add 8 cubes.

Maggi Noodles

Step 4: 4 minutes only. 2 minutes is a lie!

Maggi Noodles

This is it! Always wash it down with tropicana. Personal preference.

Maggi Noodles

If u don’t like this, follow these misleading instructions. You’ll get uncooked crap.

Maggi Noodles

About Peter aka Pedro, by the Crapsite owner.
Peter Davis is a well know author who is yet to break into the scene. He started writing at a tender age of 2. Initially writing on walls, he the moved to paper and finally onto Google docs. He is known for his sarcasm and wise sense of humor. Peter can be found running around showing off the latest Android phones and operating systems. Off late Peter has been learning HTML, and subject he will write about after getting fired from his current job. On weekends Peter is known to check-in into all the places known to mankind on FourSquare. On Sundays, Peter can be found worshiping the man himself, Jesus, at a small church in Banjara Hills. To know more about Peter, use Google search.


Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you. Mr. Peter Davis. All the stuff below is from him. Enjoy.

I knew I shouldn’t have fallen for the old ‘get 1 ticket and get another free’ scheme. But I figured, I’d try it out anyways. Since, I would be flying to Kerala, I thought I would pay for one way and get the return free!! Woohoo! *NOT*.

I mean, I know there’s the usual fuel surcharges, pilot’s tip, tax, air-hostess MAC kit charge and all that shit, but I still thought I’d only pay half the price.

Yeah sure, who was I kidding?

As soon as I booked the ongoing ticket, I got a prompt mail from Cleartrip.

Your “Free Ticket” Coupon

Hey there! Congrats on booking your ticket with us and as we promised – here are the coupon(s) that can take you on a “free flight”!

IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions below carefully on redeeming the coupon(s) before proceeding. There are some restrictions on the usage of coupons.

This is where it starts to get messed up. I should have known when they put Free Tickets within double quotes.

Like I mentioned before, 1 way ticket costs 3k (approx) . Now the conditions stated that I should use only a Spice Jet Flight for redeeming the coupons.

Normal Flights from Hyd to Ker route is…well Hyd to Ker


Spice Jet gives me the privelge of travelling to Mumbai, get stranded in the Mumbai airport for 2 hours and then fly back to Hyderabad. Awesome! All this for Rs.18,765 only. ( I’ve always wondered why they put an only after huge amounts).

But hey! I don’t have to pay this, cos I am eligible for the “Buy 1 ticket and get a load of shit free” offer.

I now have to pay 5000 Rs only and add to that a 2 hour layover in Mumbai. Perfect! #fml

I said ‘Fuck this shit’, I’m going to get around their scheme. Since I will be going to Mumbai next month, I figured, I’d use this coupon to “redeem” my “free flight”, since there are direct flight’s from Mumbai to Hyderabad.

Guess what! I got around this shitty scheme. I now get a whole 100 Rs. off! #fml